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Professional Lock Rekeying Services in Atlanta, Georgia

With lock rekeying service from Noble Locksmith ATL, you can protect your home after losing your keys. You can turn over a rental property to new tenants, or securely move into a new home. Even your vehicle can be protected by our lock rekey service, where it’s just the inner mechanism that changes. With new keys comes a feeling of confidence that you’re the only one holding them. There’s a convenience benefit as well: you can match your back door to your front door lock, or restore single-key access to your vehicle’s ignition, doors, and trunk. We provide a 60-day parts and labor guarantee on our mobile locksmith services throughout the Atlanta, GA metro area. Our local, professional, trained locksmith offers a wide variety of services like lock rekey for your safety, security, and convenience.

A Fresh Start Changing Locks The Simple Way

Noble locksmith changing a lock by replacing the pins in the lock cylinder so it works with a new key. The new cylinder pins are in the blue box.

Noble locksmith changing the pins in a lock cylinder so it works with a new key. The blue box contains a variety of pins of different lengths that he matches up with the cuts in the new key.

For access and key management, you don’t need to purchase a new lockset, fit it, install it, and go get enough copies of keys for those who need them. If property management is your business, that’s a lot of extra work. Unless there’s a malfunction, lock replacement can be as simple as creating a new key with unique cuts in it and fitting pins to match the key. In some cases, especially if there’s wear, a simple cylinder replacement is a good option as well. That’s the basics of a professional lock rekey performed by our expert locksmith. Using this procedure, you can efficiently rekey locks at apartments, homes, condos, commercial properties, and more without changing out all the hardware.

Property Owners Maintain Control And Access

When you take possession of a new home, our mobile locksmith can rekey residential locks in a short time, creating new keys on the spot. When we rekey the front door lock, we can rekey the rear door and garage entrance locks to match so you have multiple locks with the same key. Don’t forget to rekey deadbolts as well, so security is under your control.

For lost and stolen keys, or any time there’s a doubt about who has copies, prompt lock rekeying is a wise choice. Rekey cost is significantly lower than full lock replacement, and definitely lower than the consequences of compromised security.

Change Your Computer Password? Rekey Business Locks For Security As Well

Physical security is essential and critical for protection of all aspects of your business. Commercial lock rekeying is an efficient way to keep your protection well-managed. You can rekey business locks whenever you’re concerned that someone no longer employed might have retained keys, or if a key count comes up short. Making new key copies is straightforward, performed on the spot by our mobile locksmith. Everything from door locks and deadbolts to specialized locks for cabinets, closets, and safes can be rekeyed. If you’re taking over a business, put lock rekeying at the top of your property transfer checklist.

Count On Our Lock And Key Experts in the Atlanta, GA Area

Your locks are tiny machines. Our professional locksmith understands them the way mechanics understand car engines, making sure they operate correctly and reliably. That gives you options you may not know you had, including lock rekeying without full lock replacement. At Noble Locksmith ATL, we cover the metro Atlanta area with our mobile locksmith service, offering expert locksmith services and related products. Our 60-day parts and labor guarantee backs up our professional services, and quality hardware, including keys. Locksmith services from our experienced professionals are available for car, home, and business owners, and management. From lockouts to lock and burglary damage, key making to lock upgrades, we’ve got you covered in Atlanta.


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