Key Duplication

We’re Your Key Duplication Specialist in Atlanta, GA

You depend on the quality of your keys, whether they’re classic edge-cut, modern side-cut, chip keys, or high-security keys. Nobody makes keys better than locksmiths who understand the lock they fit. It doesn’t matter what locks they operate, from car ignitions to airplanes, boats, RVs, and antique locks. Even tubular keys for high-end motorcycle locks and other secure applications are available from our mobile key duplication locksmiths in Atlanta.

We’re Noble Locksmith ATL, serving the Atlanta, GA metro area. If you’re hunting for an original key to get a copy made, don’t worry about it. In most cases, our key duplication service can create a new key using the lock itself, a special key code, or by decoding the lock using special picks. Our local, professional, highly trained locksmith has the skills you need and delivers them responsibly, providing convenience and security with key duplication.

You Can Take Key Copies Off Your To-Do List Because We Come To You

Noble Atlanta locksmith technician duplicating a key using a key cutter inside his locksmith van

Our locksmiths can make copies of almost any type of key including those for your car, front door lock, mailbox, safe, padlock, office filing cabinet, and more. Better yet, we can make those copies on-site with the key-cutting machines in our fully equipped locksmith vans.

Key duplication for spare keys, ones to give to friends and family, for a new car, or an added deadbolt can add a lot of time to your list of errands. There’s finding the right place to make quality keys, and even looking further for specialized keys not everyone makes. Our mobile locksmith comes to you and gets your key copying done when it’s a good time for you. As an experienced locksmith, our expert knows all kinds of locks. We bring the equipment and keys for both common and more unusual locks such as antique keys, and boat, plane, and RV keys. Our work is backed by a 60-day parts and labor guarantee. Since it’s performed with a deep knowledge of lock mechanisms, you can rely on the quality. When you’ve lost your last one, we can work a special kind of magic and make keys from scratch.

Office And Business Key Copies At Your Convenience

Are your employees propping a door open because not everyone has a key? Are your store opening and closing hard to schedule for the same reason? Our locksmith can make your desk keys, office keys, and high-security keys all in a single visit, with a minimum of time from your staff to make it happen. That means more efficiency for your business, and less time without the keys you need, even as a backup. We’ll also take care of missing key issues and originate keys by code or using locksmith techniques. Count on us for your commercial key needs.

Unique Keys, Made To Order On The Spot While You Wait

Make sure you have the backups you need for a smooth and enjoyable trip by using our mobile locksmith’s skills. We can make ATV and RV keys, even tubular keys like those used by motorcycle manufacturers. These days, every car key our key duplication service makes is unique in some way, from side-cut keys and other laser-cut keys to transponder keys and high-tech key fobs. Call for both domestic and foreign car key duplication. We may even be able to do skeleton keys and other antique keys for cabinets, safes, and doors.

However, some keys are pre-cut and made by foreign manufacturers in which case we may not be able to find an exact match, so please call with your questions and we’ll do our best to help.

Keys Made Fast And Precisely in Atlanta, GA

Schedule a visit from our Noble Locksmith ATL mobile locksmith for key duplication service, and save time. You’ll not only find the key maker near me you’re seeking since we come right to you, but you’ll also get precision-cut keys made by a locksmith. You know they’ll work the first time, and for a long time to come.

We’re here to help with mobile locksmith service throughout the metro Atlanta area.

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